Brighten Up the Inside of Your Home

Schedule interior painting service in Lynn or Boston, MA & all surrounding areas

If you have a brand-new home, want to sell your house or just completed a home addition, you should apply a fresh coat of paint. Although paint seems like a simple solution that couldn't affect your home that much, it actually has the ability to set the mood for a space.

The paint color inside your home can brighten up a room and make it feel more open, whereas a darker color would make the space feel smaller. Orlando's Painting & Services Inc. offers interior painting service to make your home's interior feel open and welcoming.

Our painting service covers interior painting for any room, including bathrooms. Contact us today to learn more about our interior painting service.

We can paint almost any surface

When you think of interior painting service, you probably think of changing the color of your walls. On top of updating your wall color, we can also:

  • Paint sheetrock
  • Paint your ceiling
  • Color match your current paint

We'll make sure your door frames, window frames and moldings are covered with a new coat of paint, as well. Our painting service also covers touch-ups where we match your current paint color and apply a new coat. Call 978-798-5081 now to schedule an appointment.